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Top 1 Oil get digital marketing award in indonesia

Right on September 28, 2011, TOP was awarded a prestigious enough in the digital world. For the first time ever, TOP 1 oli sintetik mobil-motor indonesia to get two awards in the event the "DIGITAL MARKETING AWARD 2011" held at the Grand Ballroom, Hotel Mulia for Social Media Achievement category, both in the 2W-engine lubricant (motor oil) and in the 4W-engine lubricant (grease car).

Digital Marketing Award is a prestigious award given to those brands / companies that managed to achieve maximum performance in a digital world. Digital Marketing Award is an award issued by Marketing Magazine, Digital Magazine Independent Marketing and Survey Institute, Survey One & Frontier.

There are 3 categories in this year's Digital Marketing Award, namely: The Best Website, The Best Digital and Social Media Product Achievement. The measurements taken on brands that won in the category of "social media achievement" This is a brand-brand most talked about in the virtual world, be it on facebook, twitter, blogs and portals. Index measurement using the formula EMSS (Earned Media Share of Voice by Sentiment). Earned Media Share index measurement of voice by Sentiment (EMSS index) measured by the formula: percentage of positive talk of a brand in a particular category of speech plus the percentage of neutral brand in the category, subtract the percentage of negative talk in the brand in the category. Winners in each industry category is determined based on two conditions:

1. Index numbers have more than 10%,

2. 3 great positions in every category.

TOP 1 get EMSS index: 69.29% (highest in the category of automobile lubricating oil) from the brand lubricants are far superior to the others that have EMSS index values ​​ranged from 5% to 13%. As for its category of two wheels, get EMSS TOP 1 index of 30.16%.

"We did not expect, this year our products are selected for awards in the field of Digital Marketing in particular in the field for the first kalinya.Ini is a great trust of the loyal users of our products. We will continue to improve our services in our digital marketing activity, so the communication is established with its loyal users of our products will get better again "Reveal Mr. Heri Djohan as the director of PT. Topindo Atlas Asia.

source: top1.co.id

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