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Tips On How To Advertise On The Internet, Fast & Cheap

The development of Internet technology helped bring benefits in the business world, especially in terms of trade of goods and services. From year to year the number of Internet users in Indonesia increased followed by an increase in the number of trading goods and services over the internet. Quite possibly the next few years will be a very significant spike in the sale and purchase on the internet.


For beginners just learning to do business in the virtual world, it is important to learn to understand the process of selling and buying process before plunging into it. In Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia organisasi.org site has been discussed several articles about buying and selling on the internet that you can find through existing search engines. You need to realize is that in the Internet world is not all good people. Neither the seller nor the buyer may be the bad guys who are ready to harm others.


One of the vital things you need to learn before selling on the internet is how to introduce your products on the internet. If no one knows your business on the internet is certainly there would be no people who will purchase goods and services you offer. Here are some ways to advertise your products and services to Internet users:


1. Inserting Ads on Other Websites

If you have a lot of money for advertising budget you can easily contact the websites that have many visitors to purchase advertising space of a certain size. Generally, the larger the size of the ad space you are interested in, the higher the rent. The more strategic location of the ad, the more expensive. Make sure that your website visitors pasangi ads according to your target market.

In addition to a lease for a certain period of time you can also use click system where you only have to pay for the number of visitors coming from your ads. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages of each, you simply have to experiment. Actually there are many forms of advertising that we can show on the website that has a lot of visitors petonsial, but now is the famous image ads and text ads.


2. Inserting Ads Classified Ads Web Site

There are hundreds of free local classified ads can we ad pasangi us. If you have time you can put an ad in the classifieds all the existing web, but if time is limited you just choose which one is the most famous and visited by many Internet users Indonesia. There is usually a period of advertising will be deleted automatically, so it must be put back on a regular basis or renew online advertising our free classified ads website.


3. Community Forum Promotion Netter and Mailing List

Be active in the people gathered on the internet and be someone who is pleasant, kind and trustworthy. Many active forums and mailing lists that you can make scattered media to promote your products, but do not do spam so you will not be kicked out of the community. Simply give your campaign a short sentence on the footer (footnote) or signature (the signature) if you are allowed by the owner or manager of a website.


4. Opened Merchandise Stalls in forum

Currently, many traders who use the forum's largest online community in Indonesia to offer goods and services. The number of visitors kaskus very much, allowing you to open your own merchandise stalls with various facilities at the trading forum. In FJB kaskus you can see the track record of any person in the sale and purchase activity that will help you to identify potential buyers who have evil intentions. Make sure you learn how to make a good sales stall in order not to be considered as an amateur sellers.


5. Create a Website with Online Store The Detailed Information

Most people who are interested will find enough information before trading. Therefore it is very important to create a web site that contains a variety of information products and companies. You need to make your website your own online store either made their own or with the help of a virtual store creation services. Create a professional online store that prospective buyers who come want to buy our merchandise. Make a good webstore with product information as well as a complete verbal and non verbal. Imitate standards famous online store for you to be professional as well just because the store website look attractive.


6. Introducing Business Profile and products in the B2B Website

Expand efforts to create a profile and your products on sites b2b (business to business) that many of the sellers and buyers from home and abroad. If your products are good quality and cheap price, it could have sold your merchandise buyers invaded both small parties and large parties (wholesalers).


7. Diligent search for friends on the internet and join the community kopdar

Do not be lazy to interact with other internet users even if you did not know before. Be in-netter netter scattered around the internet. After joining and understanding the people or the community, you can participate in gatherings aka ground coffee (kopdar) to meet and interact directly with their members and managers. There, in addition to making a new friend, are also able to offer our products slowly so as not to arouse suspicion.


8. Diligent Provides Comments on Blogs, Websites and Forums Famous

Perform blogwalking by visiting a website, blog or forum crowded visitors could leave our identity primarily avatar, footer, signature, website url, and others. Perform blogwalking, forumwalking, and websitewalking without spamming so your reputation is not tainted. Make your signature link or a short, solid, clear and easy to understand of Iklan.



All you have to do is observe the situation and condition and then pick some kind of advertising techniques are the most effective and efficient. Once done, then your task is to evaluate the extent to which the effectiveness of the types of techniques to advertise on the internet that you have lived. Effective must be maintained or improved, and that is not effective immediately repair or replace any other advertising techniques

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