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Car Rental Tips if you new in Jakarta

Rent Car in Jakarta many kinds, the terms applicable regulations also vary widely, especially the problem of cars and their rents. Companies usually provide the driver, but you were also allowed to drive your own self drive alias. If you desire to use the services or Jakarta Rent Car Rental Car, things to note about the rental car in Jakarta are as follows:

Customize your car type Match Requirement
When will choose the type of car, make sure beforehand how many people will participate in group trips back and forth. if in small amounts sufficient to choose the type of car that is relatively small or Low Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV). lau anticipate traffic jams occur, of course, more small cars will save money. Usually small-sized cars are much cheaper rent. In addition, also adjust the type of car with the type of road to be traversed

Compare Rates with Other Car Rental Company
Lots of car rental services provider in Jakarta. To obtain a suitable price, it would be better if you do a price comparison to some car rental companies. Remember, do not easily tempted by the cheap price promotion without checking whether or not the condition of facilities and nice cars.

Thoroughly studying the Lease Agreement
When you have a car type and rental rates at will, the next thing to do is to carefully study the treaties concerning the rights and obligations of tenants of the rental car company's proficiency level.

Ask directly If there were an unusual agreement or you do not understand. This is to avoid the trap or a way of cheating that is usually done by unscrupulous businessmen to rake in huge profits naughty.

Here are some things you can ask or check before taking the car out of the car rental company.

    Condition of the fuel before and after you use the car returned to the company. Because companies usually require fuel in the current condition of the car should be returned as the moment you pick it up. In most gasoline-fueled car vehicle, gasoline is Rp per liter now. 4500.
    What if there is delay in returning the car. Ask in detail in order not to be disappointed later.

Ask the Insurance Benefits
Usually car rental companies also charge insurance premiums apply. Ask the type of insurance, benefits, and the scope of protection for anyone, whether for yourself or other family members. How much money the insurance is obtained and so on.

This is to anticipate when this happens / we do not want the risk. Language and wording of the insurance agreement is usually difficult to understand that often lead to misinterpretation.

Physical checks Cars
The physical condition of the car is very important, especially in terms of smoothness and safety. Therefore, choose a car that young age up to about six years. Due to the age of the car is still relatively stable and vibrant. Do also check the condition of the tires, and engines with the engine. Checks are also supporting facilities such as car air conditioning comfort, audio and others.

When the lights dimmed in the middle of the engine running means that there are irregularities in the electrical system. Avoid the car because of the potential strike on the road. So also with the engine, when turned on in a few minutes of breath means the engine is already unwell.

Do not forget, try the first car with the permission of the officer of the company to find out whether or not stable when the car is driven. It is also a way to ensure the suspension conditions and the legs of the car.

Ask for Car Rental Phone Numbers
Ask the car rental company phone number which can be contacted at any time to anticipate the event of unwanted things in the way of relating to your rental car.

That little car rental tips on car rental company when Lebaran. Hopefully these tips can help you in traveling back and forth with a comfortable, safe and quiet.

In addition to these tips on Car Rental Jakarta, there are still some things you should consider, among other things:

    You must own and carry a driver's license (SIM).
    Car seat belts are used in the absolute driving, and driving in the left lane and always obey traffic rules.
    If you use the services of a driver, make sure you ask the company of good drivers who mempunyaiPerformance.

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